Three hours to Croatian octopus rings

The Dalai Lama said that at least once a year you should go somewhere that you’ve never been before. Of course it’s tempting to take advice from someone who thinks he knows the meaning of life, always seems to be happy and wears cosy orange pyjamas all year round.

From Örebro Airport, happy travellers can fly to Tenerife in less than six hours. Or why not Croatia in an impressive three? Or Thailand in nineteen? So Croatian octopus rings, the white sandy beaches of Thailand or a Spanish sun tan aren’t things that you have to do without if you don’t want to.

You can reach Örebro Airport in just ten minutes from Örebro city centre or in half an hour from Karlskoga and Askersund. Did you know that the Mediterranean Sea has an average depth of just under 1500 metres? No, precisely!