Wilderness to you, amusement park to us

Nowhere around here is there a larger wild area with no roads cutting through it than the northern nature reserve of Kindla, which spans more than 900 hectares. Here you will find a small number of hiking trails that gently meander through the 120-year-old forests, but there are large parts of the area you will simply have to discover for yourself with the help of a map and compass. If you come out on the other side with energy to spare and you want to explore even more ancient forests, you can carry on to visit the Murstensdalen Nature reserve.

It might sound strange, but we swedes love nature so much we made laws that grants us access to it. It’s called Allemansrätten (lit. ”the everyman’s right”). Allemansrätten gives a person the right to access, walk, cycle, ride, ski, and camp on any land except private gardens.

“If you meet a bear you should talk calmly, not shout!”

This is the wildest in character and second largest of all the nature reserves in our area. Here a quiet and untouched wild area is revealed with deep ravines, high plateaus with ancient forests, and stretches of bogs, ponds and lakes. Murstensdalen is a roadless place (though not lawless!) that you will often be able to enjoy all to yourself. You can get to it in 55 minutes from the town centre. Try getting to such a wild place from any of Sweden’s other ten biggest cities. Exactly – you can’t.