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Superior healthcare

Don’t worry! If you happen to sprain your tongue practicing the Swedish language – Sweden’s best University hospital is within your reach.

Örebro University Hospital has been awarded first prize for two years in a row in the annual ranking of university hospitals made by Dagens Medicin – Sweden’s leading magazine for healthcare professionals. They offer a wide range of accessible basic health care and excels in advanced highly specialized medical services such as trauma medicine, vascular surgery and heart surgery.

Combined with the forces of the emergency hospitals in Karlskoga and Lindesberg and a wide range of health centers we’re safe to say this region offers one of Sweden’s best healthcare for our inhabitants.

Medical research has a high priority within the Örebro County Region. The research conducted at the University Hospital in Örebro together with Örebro University is mostly focused on patient-centered clinical research. This means that the research results quickly benefit the patients.